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Do you have a steam engine?

Nobody wants to become "that car", stuck on the side of the road with steam pouring from under the bonnet whilst the overheated occupants stand around sweltering in the Australian summer heat.

But overheating vehicle's aren't just caused by hot weather, proper radiator and cooling system maintenance can go a long way toward preventing such problems but the reverse is also true. Simply put your engine can get extremely hot, even under normal operating conditions. The cooling system and radiator is tasked with the job of protecting your car, and you, from being damaged by all that heat. Coolant is the means by which the cooling system neutralises the heat whilst helping to protect against freezing and protecting the system from rust and corrosion as well.

As well as an regularly overheating car, a temperature gauge that's constantly reading hotter than normal or a car leaving puddles where you park means it is probably time to have your cooling system inspected by a professional.

Prompt Auto Repairs can service your cooling system and flush your radiator. Our qualified mechanics will flush your radiator with a solution designed to remove any build up of rust or debris. When the cooling system is fully cleaned the solution is drained and fresh new coolant is added to restore your car's cooling system performance.

  • Your radiator will be more efficient - and it will likely last a lot longer.
  • You increase your engines efficiency and life expectancy.
  • Boost your vehicles performance and power.
  • The water pump will last longer due to better protection and lubrication..

Your car maker's log book will recommend intervals for when to flush your radiator system, It is usually suggested that you have your system flushed every two years or 40,000 km's whichever comes first. However, your engine type and size, local seasons, the condition of your existing coolant, and the total distance driven can all affect the need to replace the coolant in your radiator.

At Prompt Auto Repairs, we provide at your request a full 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report for free as part of any minor, major or log book service on your vehicle. This includes inspecting the coolant and cooling system and the written report will tell you if we feel a radiator flush, coolant replacement or any repairs are advised to maintain the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Can i flush the radiator myself?

Websites and How-To's are around giving advice on how to flush a radiator yourself - we don't recommend it. Today's vehicles are complex and mistakes like incomplete flushing or changing the coolant in your vehicle without flushing can disturb the sediment and cause blockages in your thermostat or radiator.

It's advisable to have your systems checked regularly by a qualified mechanic, and properly flushed before being refilled with the specific type of coolant for your car, the system purged of any air pockets, and then the whole system professionally tested again to ensure full working order and to prevent any costly breakdowns in the future.

Radiator coolant is toxic and needs to be handled very carefully. It is also very sweet smelling which can be enticing to animals and children so proper storage is very important - letting a trained technician take care of this job means not handling or having dangerous chemicals around your house. Dangerous coolant also needs to be disposed of correctly, professional workshops can have the coolant recycled or properly disposed of to save the environment.

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